2 Man Tents: Most Economical of All

Coleman Sundome 2-Person Tent

2 Man Tents are still popular among campers, backpackers and hikers because they are convenient and economical to use. While a lot of other tent types and variants have appeared, those designed for two people have never lost popularity and if anything, are more in demand today than ever before. Let’s take a look at the reasons why.

The Benefits of a Two Person Tent

ALPS Mountaineering Meramac 2 TentTo begin with, a two person offers just the right balance between convenience and portability. If you are going camping with someone, a two person tent is the most practical solution as it offers more room than a single person tent and yet isn’t as heavy as a three person tent. There is enough room for the two of you to sleep in, and today’s modern tents have sufficient room for your extra gear.

And if you are a solo camper or hiker, a 2 man tent is also a practical option for several reasons. The most obvious benefit is the extra space: it is becoming more common for solitary hikers and campers to bring a lot of gear with them, and sometimes a single person tent does not offer sufficient room.

There is enough to sleep in, yes, and also some gear. But what if you’re going on an extended trip and plan to bring a lot of gear? This is where a two person tent will come in handy: even if you are a single hiker or camper, a two person tent will be able to provide the space necessary to organize your stuff without compromising your sleeping area.

What are the Essential Features?

Happy Camper Two Person Tent

Figuring out the best 2 man tent can be difficult as campers have different needs, and what you and your companion may deem necessary may not be for others. Even so there are some features which are considered musts for two person tents:

  • Groundsheet: this is the flooring of your tent and serves as the barrier between where the two of you will sleep on and the ground. In most tents, the groundsheet is sewn on the walls so bugs won’t be able to sneak in. Note that old style 2 person A-frame tents don’t have the groundsheet sewn on.
    It’s good practice to put another groundsheet layer under your tent so the bottom doesn’t get dirty or get torn. These separate groundsheets can be purchased and will help extend the lifespan of your tent.
  • The flysheet is present only in double skin 2 person tents, with the outer tent (the flysheet) designed to protect the inner sheet from rain. Make certain the flysheet on your tent is suspended over the inner skin but doesn’t make contact with it, as this will cause rain and condensation to penetrate.

Tent Set Up

ALPS Mountaineering Extreme 2 Tent 2-Person 3-SeasonA 2 man pop up tent is easy to set up provided you follow the instructions. The availability of air and instant tents reduce the complexity even more, and even a traditional tent that uses poles and stakes are easy to configure especially if you have someone to help you out.

But if it’s your first time to buy and use a tent, it’s best to set up the tent at home so you’ll have a feel of how it works: if you just had a tough day hiking and a thunderstorm suddenly pours, setting up the tent could take longer especially if you have never done it before.

Mountain Trails Current Hiker 2-Person Tent

Freestanding Tents

The most popular 2 person camping tent products today are freestanding, that is they can be set up without the need for stakes. This not only simplifies configuration but also makes tent re-positioning quick: instead of pulling out each stake individually the two of you can just lift the tent and go. The only possible disadvantage of freestanding tents is they tend to be heavier than other tents, but if there’s someone helping you out it won’t be a problem.

Coleman Pop-Up Tent

Pole Hubs and Clips

Pole hubs are commonly found in 2 person tents because they simplify assembly. All you need to do is remove the folded pole sections and unfold the skeletal frame, adjusting the segments as necessary. Another nice thing about these pole hubs is they enhance the stability and strength of the tent.

The pole clips serve as connectors to the tent canopies, and compared to pole sleeves they are lighter and make attachment easy. Furthermore, they let more airflow under the rainfly, cutting back condensation by a significant amount.

Wenzel Current Hiker 2-Person Tent


Today’s tents are constructed from low-weight, high-strength aluminum poles, and the best ones are light without being brittle. Depending on the tent you buy you could see a 7,000-series or a 6,000-series on the label, an indication of how strong it is.

With regards to fabrics there are a lot of options available including polyesters and specially designed nylons. Regardless of the fabric you use you are probably going to see the word D or denier, as this indicates the weight of the fabric’s yarn in grams.

Mountainsmith Morrison 2-Person 3 Season Tent

The higher the number the more rugged the fabric is, and the lower the number the less durable the material is. However, you should only compare fabrics made of the same material because the denier won’t be able to account for the unique properties present in the different fabrics.

Generally speaking you just need to look at the size and material composition to determine if that two person tent is what you are looking for. But if you feel the need to delve into the specs you should check the poles. The best two person tents have a hubbed pole set, or you can look at the seasonal rating as that has a direct influence on the durability and strength of both fabric and poles.

Wrapping Up Our In-depth Look At 2 Man Tents

Coleman Sundome 2-Person Tent

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A lightweight 2 person tent is versatile and can go a long way towards making your camping experience a memorable one. When it comes to convenience and performance they are hard to beat, which is why they have become staples in the hiker’s gear.