Camp Chef Everest Camping Stove Review

Camping is about indulging and immersing yourself in mother nature, but there are still certain necessities we need to survive. One of the most important ones is the ability to prepare healthy, wholesome meals that are nutritious and, hopefully, delicious!

In order to cook healthy meals for you and your camping party, you have to find the best possible portable stove. The Camp Chef Everest Mountain Camping Series 2 Burner High-Pressure Camp Stove offers a great alternative for big groups at a very reasonable price.

About The Product

Also known as the MS2HP, this versatile camping stove is known for its solid performance and relatively low price tag. Because it’s a countertop model, it requires a flat surface to be used on, but it has nothing to envy larger stand-alone models.

Camp Chef Everest Mountain Camping Series 2 Burner High-Pressure Camp Stove

With a whopping 40,000 combined BTUs, its two powerful burners offer more than enough heat to cook elaborate meals for big groups of up to 4 or 5. In addition to this, the Everest is also backed by a 1-year manufacturer's warranty that should cover any factory defects.

Not only is the Camp Chef powerful, but it’s also extremely portable and easy to carry around. The windscreens offer protection against direct wind to maintain optimal performance even in extreme conditions, making it one of the best all around camping stoves in the market.

What Customers Are Saying

The Camp Chef received 4 or 5-star reviews most of the time, with many users praising it for being as powerful as any other camping stove in its class. Other reviewers also loved the big cooking area that can use regular-sized cooking vessels.

Camp Chef Everest Mountain Camping Series 2 Burner High-Pressure Camp Stove

The large cooking area makes a huge difference if you intend to cook meals that require regular size pans, specifically between 10 and 12 inches. You can use two large skillets or pots at the same time comfortably, so you won’t have to purchase special cookware.

Another reason why the Camp Chef is very popular is that it uses propane tanks as a fuel source, which are widely available in grocery stores nationwide. You can use any tank size from 16 ounces to 20 lbs, so you should never have difficulties finding fuel.

What To Look Out For

Although most reviewers had nothing but great things to say about the Everest, there were also some complaints when it came to quality. Although the burner is very powerful, some users reported paint chipping off after just a few weeks of usage.

Another reason why users complained is the fact that the body of this camping stove is very heavy. Although it’s not very bulky, the weight itself is a huge problem when it comes to placing in both vehicles and on surfaces.

Camp Chef Everest Mountain Camping Series 2 Burner High-Pressure Camp Stove

Our Recommendation

Amazon offers the best alternative to purchasing the Camp Chef Everest. Besides enjoying free shipping directly to your doorstep, you will also take advantage of the most competitive price available, starting at just under $85.


Sacrificing quality for a lower price tag is never good, but with the Camp Chef Everest you will not be giving up performance for affordability. This excellent camping stove is bound to offer a great solution for camping groups that need a solid performance without breaking the bank.

Our Rating