The Definitive Coleman Green Valley Sleeping Bag Review

Coleman Green Valley Sleeping Bag

The Coleman Green Valley Sleeping Bag is a three season sleeping bag rated down to 30°F. It is a rectangle design with a polyester shell and 100% cotton filler. It comes complete with a cozy cotton-flannel lining and 3 pounds of insulation. It does not come with a storage bag but comes with Coleman’s QuickCord storage system which means no tying.


  • 100% polyester shell
  • 100% cotton fill
  • Thermo Tech Insulation
  • Soft cotton flannel lining
  • Comfort Smart technology keeps heat in, insulation in place’ and zippers working right
  • QuickCord storage for easy, no-tie closure


  • Temperature rating 30°–good for cool summer nights
  • Fiber Lock Technology—keeps insolation in place and increases durability
  • QuickCord storage—makes it quick and easy to store
  • Zipper Plow—allows smooth zipper operation
  • Roll Control—Locks the bag in place for easier rolling


  • No sleeping bag case
  • Awkward tie
  • 6.7 pounds

Worthy Comparison

We compared the Coleman Green Valley Sleeping Bag to the Camp Solutions Ultra-Light Flannel Sleeping Bag and the KingCamp Active 250 Cotton Flannel Sleeping Bag. All three come with a polyester synthetic fiber shell and cotton flannel lining, therefore we thought they would make a great comparison. The Coleman is the heaviest of the three bags with the Camp Solutions weighing in at about 2 pounds, and the KingCamp at about 3 pounds.

We found that Coleman products come with several features that others don’t have, like the Fiber Lock technology, which keeps the insolation from moving around and makes the sleeping bag stronger. They also feature a Thermo Lock system, QuickCord and the Zipper Plow. Thermo Lock helps keep heat in at the zipper; QuickCord makes for quick and easy storage—no tying; and the Zipper Plow helps keep the zipper moving smoothly. These additional features make the Coleman a much better choice.

Our Final Thoughts On The Coleman Green Valley Sleeping Bag

Coleman Green Valley Sleeping Bag

Although the Coleman weighs more, we found that it is a high quality sleeping bag for the price. All three sleeping bags are priced at about $30 but the Coleman, with its extra features, appears to be a much better value. The downside is that the Coleman doesn’t come with a storage bag. The others come with a manufacturer’s compression sack.

The Coleman Green Valley Sleeping Bag offers a few more features that the others don’t have. For example, the QuickCord storage system allows for easy storage—you don’t have to tie or band your sleeping bag for storage. The ZipPlow feature pushes fabric aside while using the zipper keeping it snag free—the others don’t offer a similar snag-free option. The Green Valley also offers Fiber Lock which creates pockets of insulation and locks it in place, increasing durability and improving insulation quality.

All in all, the Green Valley is a heavier option but well worth the extra weight. The fabric and construction features make it a very comfortable and highly durable cool weather sleeping bag. It’s the perfect option for those cool nights with its soft comfy flannel liner and polyester/cotton insulation.

Our Recommendation…

The Coleman Green Valley Sleeping Bag is constructed of a durable polyester shell and soft cotton-flannel lining with 6.7 pounds of cotton/polyester insulation to keep you warm and comfortable. The Fiber Lock technology keeps the insulation from moving, which also increases durability and helps keep you warm. It is ideal for cool weather camping down to 30 degrees.

The Thermo Lock System helps reduce heat loss through the zipper keeping you warm on those cool summer nights. The Coleman Green Valley Sleeping Bag remains of great value.