How To Clean Your Camping Grill

There is no question a lot of people dislike cleaning their BBQ grills. For some, even the thought makes them shudder and for a good reason. Cleaning a grill is tricky and a daunting undertaking – provided that you don't know some essential shortcuts to turning this ordeal into a breeze.

How to clean a grill

It doesn't matter whether you like or don't like cleaning the grill; you have to be ready for an impromptu BBQ party or a family cookout in the backyard. To make things easier for you, mentioned below are some effective and efficient tips for to turn that greasy and grimy grill into something as good as new.

Essential Tips For Grill Cleaning

Here are some tips for easier cleaning of the grill.

Steaming The Grill

A great option for when you're cleaning the grill after a long time or just after the party is over, slightly steam the grates using a handful of coal. The moisture and the heat will loosen that stubborn grime, grease and food particles stuck all over.

Steaming The Grill

After a few minutes of steaming, be sure to disconnect the gas supply and immediately soak the BBQ grates in a bucket of warm water with some dishwashing detergent in it. Take the grill out after 2 minutes and wipe everything clean using a wire brush.

Use Soapy Water To Clean The Inside Walls

A lot of people make the mistake of not covering their heating elements, which eventually lead to damages. Always cover them with aluminum foil to avoid water damage.

Cleaning a grill with soapy water

Use a mixture of warm water and regular dishwasher to clean the underside of the hood. Use a wire brush to get all that grime off. The detergent will make it easy for you to wipe that stuff clean off.

Cleaning The Heating Mechanism

After you clean the walls of the grill, use a dry cloth to get rid of all that dripping water. Remove and discard the aluminum foil. Use an oven brush to clean the mechanism gently. Remove any debris and whatnot.

Things Not To Do When Scrubbing The Grill Clean

Learn more how to NOT clean your outdoor grill.

Powerful Chemicals Are A Big No-No

While it is so easy to use an oven spray to clean everything, it is important to understand that the chemical can damage the stainless steel body of the grill.

Cleaning a grill.

Moreover, harsh chemicals have a strong smell – often noxious. The residue can affect that smell and taste of the food you cook on your grill, which in turn can lead to numerous health problems.

Not Being Gentle With The Stainless Steel Body

Grills made of stainless steel require regular maintenance. Using a wire brush and other abrasive materials, such as a steel wool, like there is no tomorrow can damage the steel. Always be gentle when using these items to clean the grill.

Bottom Line

In all, implementing the tips above can help make things easier for you no matter how many times you host a cookout.