How To Make A Camping Stove?

How To Make A Camping Stove

Have you ever gone camping to find out that your camping stove doesn’t work when it comes to dinner time? These are the type of circumstances where it would come in extremely handy to know how to make a camping stove of your own.

There are a number of ways you can make your own homemade camping stove, here’s our advice:

What You Need

The elements you need to make your homemade camp stove will completely depend on the type of stove you want to make. Of course, if you’re already out camping and realize you don’t have your shop bought stove, wood is going to be your material of choice.

That said, if you’re well prepared and have some tinned goods in your backpack, then you may be able to make a more impressive and efficient camp stove with the help of a knife, one tin, and some of nature’s natural kindling.

While you can make higher end ones with tools at home, making one while camping is also quite straightforward.

How To Make A DIY Camp Stove

Here’s how you can make both of the above DIY cooking mechanisms:


When creating a campfire, you’ll need three types of wood: tinder, kindling, and firewood. Tinder includes small twigs, leaves, and other natural debris, while kindling is small sticks of less than one inch wide. Firewood is your logs.

One of the most common ways of making a campfire is the teepee style. To create a teepee style camp stove, start by assembling tinder and kindling in the center of your fire pit and start your fire.

Once the fire is going strong, start adding your larger logs, or firewood. You can continue adding more logs as the fire goes down.

Be sure to create a limit with rocks that stops your fire from catching to any debris on the ground. Also, be sure to keep the size of your fire to a minimum and make sure your fire is out when not in use in order to avoid starting a forest fire.

Tin Camp Stove

A tin can camp stove is one of the easiest ways to get yourself out of a pickle if you’re out in the wilderness. To create this DIY camp stove, open up and empty one of your tin cans from your food supplies.

Start by cutting a hole at the bottom on one side of the can as this is where you will add your kindling.

Then, try and create small holes around the top of your can to stop your fire from going out. If you like, you can create extra holes at the bottom of the can to allow additional oxygen to enter the fire to keep it burning.

From there, you just need to add your tinder and kindling and light your fire through the small hole you created at the bottom of your can.

Final Thoughts

Forgetting or having a broken camp stove while on an excursion doesn’t have to be the end of the world. Whether you’ve packed your bag with tinned food or fresh produce, there are different DIY camp stove options to choose from.

Plus, if you’re out camping with the kids, the experience of making a homemade camp stove could be an adventure in itself.