Make A Long Lasting Charcoal Fire

Long Lasting Charcoal Fire

If you’ve ever been to a BBQ party where the host used a precise method to create a grill fire that lasts a long time and wondered if you could do the same thing, the answer is yes. There are several ways you can make a long lasting fire without using gas or electricity.

But that requires being process-oriented. Accomplished BBQ experts hold little regard for electric or gas power sources to build a fire. They are keener to use natural resources for more allure, adding a natural touch to things. In light of this, mentioned below are some sure-shot methods you can do the same.

Spreading Ember

Scatter a bunch of wood chips (make sure they are unsoaked) into the grill among a few large pieces of charcoal. Next, carefully position a fire starter (paraffin) in the middle of the grill and cover the paraffin with two or three coals. Now using a match set light to the fire starter and wait for the coals covering it to catch fire.

Charcoal Ember

Once that happens immediately bring the lid down and make some adjustment to the ventilation so that the average temperature inside the grill increases to 250 degrees F. The heat and fire will gradually smother the embers, creating more fire. The embers will start to slowly burn, giving you a long time worth of heat and smoke.

Top Down Burning

Here is an effective method to create a protracted grill fire. Moreover, the best part of this approach is that you can use both briquettes and lump coals.

Alright so first get about three-quarters of coal right into the grill’s firebox. Be sure to spread the wood chips or chunks (unsoaked). Place the rest of the charcoal into a chimney starter and light them up.

Top Down Grill

Once they have a reddish glow, carefully take those lit coals and spread them atop the wood chunks and coals in the grill and close the lid. Once the embers catch fire, they will eventually ignite the coals as well. The coals will begin burning from top and all the way to the bottom hence the name.

The Minion

This process is quite similar to the method highlighted above. Jim Minion, a professional and competitive barbecuer, came up with this method. Minion always used briquettes instead of lump coals.

The Minion Method

All you have to do is take about 7 to 8 lbs worth of briquette coals and spread them surrounding the wooden chips (unsoaked). Be sure to form a depression in the coals. After you do that, arrange a handful of lit wooden chips and place them directly over the charcoal. The method is said to build a fire that can last up to 12 hours.

Bottom Line

So there you go – some effective and very easy to implement methods to build a charcoal grill fire that lasts longer than the party.