Ohuhu Camping Stove Review

Ohuhu Camping Stove

Nature lovers around the world indulge in eco-friendly camping trips but try to reduce their emissions and the impact they have on the environment. Wood-powered camping stoves give them the ability to enjoy cooking without having to depend on unsustainable fossil fuels.

The Ohuhu Portable Stainless Steel Wood Burning Camping Stove offers a fantastic alternative for nature lovers and environmentally conscious campers. Following the “leaving nothing but footprints” rule, this stove offers an option that is fully powered by nature.

About The Product

Most camping stoves use electricity, as well as pressurized or unpressurized liquid for fuel. The Ohuhu camping stove, however, uses resources that are widely available in forests and camping sites all around the country in the form of wood and leaves.

The stainless steel base also doubles as a combustion chamber where you can place wood and leaves. Once you have filled up the chamber without overloading it, you simply have to light the flame and you will have a steady source of heat to use for cooking.

Ohuhu Camping Stove - Uses

Among the best lightweight camping stoves, the Ohuhu weighs a conservative 400 grams, so it can fit even in the smallest backpack. In addition to this, the Ohuhu features a simple design with pieces that need minimal setting up before each usage.

There is no doubt that the Ohuhu is extremely portable, but you can only use it with one pot at a time. Because of this, purchasing and carrying more than one of these stainless steel camping stove can be a great alternative as well.

What Customers Are Saying

With most of the of reviewers giving the Ohuhu 4 or 5-star reviews, it’s no surprise to find many comments praising its performance. Several comments complimented the Ohuhu for being extremely lightweight, making it easy to pack several of these camping stoves at once.

Others also praised this portable wood stove because of its incredibly low price tag and durable stainless steel finish. Even though it features an upright build, the large stable base prevents your pots and pans from tipping over.

Lastly, its simple design and large pot compatibility make it one of the most coveted and affordable wood-burning models in the market.

What To Look Out For

There were some negative reviews that highlighted the fact that heat transfer and fuel efficiency weren’t as good when compared to other types of camping stove. Although this may be true, wood burning stoves tend to sacrifice these features in exchange for sustainability.

Ohuhu Camping Stove - Parts

Another common challenge was cooking for more than one person with only a single Ohuhu portable stove, because you can only use one pot at a time.

Our Recommendation

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The best place to buy your Ohuhu Stainless Steel camping stove is through Amazon because it offers the lowest prices, starting at just below $20. You can also purchase the 2-year extended warranty for around $4.

Final Thoughts

There are many different reasons why people enjoy camping, but it’s safe to say that most campers try to keep their impact on the environment to a minimum.

The Ohuhu camping stove offers a sustainable alternative that can help you whip up simple meals while using an energy source that is directly offered to you by mother nature.

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